Accessible Venues

At our Council Meeting on Monday 24th February 2020, Transition Stroud agreed to hold all meetings and events in venues that are as accessible as possible in the future (with the exception of those held in people’s homes).

This is a long overdue step and we apologise for not making it sooner.

Here is a list of venues that have been reviewed in the Stroud District; we have used a traffic light system to label venues as

Accessible but with some issues
Very accessible

These labels are based on independent reviews conducted by Christian at Accessible Gloucestershire, information from members with accessibility needs, information from venues themselves and from our own personal experiences/views as able-bodied people.

Please be aware that this list is not (and probably never will be) complete, it is just a useful start. This is a collective responsibility that we all have to ensure that our events are as accessible as possible for all who wish to attend.