Over the next 6 months, a lot of us will need to start using new technologies. Not even for campaigning, often just so that we can keep in touch with our loved ones.

What is Zoom? How do WhatsApp Groups work? Here we will put together some really useful information – from the basics to the complex. Please email Tosca on to let us know if there is anything you would particularly like to see here and/or if you have a contribution you would like to make to the page.

Our friends at Citizens Online have some excellent resources to help you take your first steps online. Check back here soon as Citizens Online will be regularly posting information and running weekly webinars (online seminars) on how to use various technologies.


Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that allows lots of people to have online meetings together – using the webcam and microphone on their computers (or on their mobile phones). You may have been hearing about this software a lot recently. Transition Stroud has moved all of it’s meetings onto Zoom for the foreseeable future. You don’t need to pay to use Zoom – if you have a free account the main limitation is that meetings with 3 or more people are limited to 40 minutes at a time (but you can just restart the meeting after 40 minutes).

If you are new to using Zoom, they have some really useful demonstration videos here and here are some useful external resources that Zoom have put together

Here is also an excellent guide to using Zoom from Friends of the Earth.

Zoom guidance