Film Screenings

  • To inform and educate the audience in an entertaining way
  • To start discussion, as the first step in action is often discussion
  • To inspire action, ideally through one of the TS’s groups

Main contact: Tim Martel on

The film group covers a broad range of topics, it could be any of the areas that Transition Stroud is involved in and frequently covers many at once. Films are often a starting point for inspiring action.

All the links to the films shown will be available on the Film page for every film possible from now on so that people can watch them again, show them to others in their household and to others not able to get to the event. People rarely act alone – most will be part of a household and will therefore need one another’s agreement in order to make a change. Films can really help in this regard – direct interested people to our website, introduce others the film or clips and ask them what they think, and perhaps encourage some positive outcome.