Transition Stroud Transport Campaign

We are campaigning to improve bus services in and around Stroud. We think that better bus services are essential, both for people without access to a car, and to reduce carbon emissions from road transport.

Primary contact: Susie Medley on

Useful links: Facebook Group

Our aspirations:

  • better services on existing bus routes, including in the evenings and at weekends
  • new services to places without adequate buses at present
  • better information about bus services, including real-time information at bus stops
  • affordable bus fares, and a transition to sustainable electric buses

We aim to be informed about developments in public policy and good practice relating to bus provision, and to liaise with local authorities and bus companies.

If you are interested in helping our campaign, or would like to tell us about issues with your local bus services, please get in touch.

Susie would particularly welcome your photos of bus stops – she is building a collection!

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A bus stop in Thrupp

Stop in the name of love