Meet Josephine

Josephine Murray

Transition Stroud Newsletter Editor Josephine Murray (JM) interviews – herself!

See below for three things you can do today!

What prompted you to join Transition Stroud?

I was looking for a part-time role that would work alongside my part-time MA in Literary Translation and my freelance journalism and teaching. Transition Stroud appealed to me because I’ve been interested in nature since I was a child, and concerned about the environment since I was a teenager. I remember constantly reminding my parents to recycle waste, when household recycling was first introduced in the ‘90s!

My background in journalism, and PR for charities including the National Trust fitted the job profile for Transition Stroud newsletter editor. I also had experience of writing an e-newsletter for my business rain starts play, which sold ethically-made children’s products such as organic cotton and organic wool clothes and hand-made wooden toys. I’m selling the remaining stock at the Randwick church community coffee mornings on the first Saturday of every month.

My family and I try to live as sustainably as we can, and writing the newsletter has been brilliant for finding out about all the environmental initiatives going on in the Stroud area. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14, and I avoid single-use plastics by shopping at Loose and Stroud Farmers’ Market. We also have an allotment plot and grow various things with varying degrees of success! Last summer’s strawberries were just fantastic, a bumper crop all through June. We eat eggs from our own chickens too, when they deign to lay.

What else do you do for work, or voluntary work?

I have a portfolio career of freelance journalism alongside communications; newsletters, website and social media for various organisations. Since graduating from my MA, I’ve started doing freelance literary translation and I’m currently translating a French cookery book into English. I do a bit of volunteering, for example for the Stroud Book Festival.

Whereabouts do you live?

Near Randwick with my husband and our 14-year-old daughter. I love being able to walk directly from the house into fields and woods, and the views.

What do you do in your spare time?

I recently joined Stroud Morris, which is great fun and probably the best exercise you can get! I love reading and cooking, I walk a lot, run when I have the energy and like making clothes with my 1970s Singer sewing machine.

Three Things You Can Do Today

1. Go for a walk. Walking has loads of benefits for mental and physical health.
2. Do some sewing. Even if it’s just sewing on a button, it’s really mindful and satisfying.
3. Do some writing. Journaling, poetry, letters; whatever you write, it’s a lovely way to order your thoughts and be creative.

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