Liftshare Stroud

  • Decrease the congestion in and around Stroud
  • Decrease levels of air pollution
  • Raise awareness of both of these issues in relation to excessive car use
  • Make it easier for people to connect to consolidate journeys
  • Help create a more cohesive community through car-sharing

Main contact: Beki Aldam on

Useful links: TS Liftshare Facebook Group, Safety Guidance

This is a group for anyone who has to travel in and out of Stroud. Meet people, share lifts, save money, reduce air pollution, reduce congestion and traffic delays – there are so many benefits!

Liftsharing doesn’t have to be a regular thing, it can be something you do occasionally. Every time you share a lift you are saving money and reducing your impact on the planet. Win and win. We’re not responsible for your decision to take lifts, and we recommend you read these tips on about sharing lifts ( You can also create a profile on that site and sort out liftshares there. We don’t mind how you do it – let’s just get the congestion down in Stroud!

(Cover photo Copyright PA)