Facilitation Fund

Facilitation Fund: Inspiring Action for a Sustainable Future

Have you got an idea that can impact on climate change and make Stroud a more resilient community? If so read on!

Transition Stroud‘s aim is to “Inspire action for a sustainable future”. We want to encourage everyone in the community to take actions, however small, to achieve this vision. We want to harness the energy and ideas you have and support them in whatever ways you need.

This is where the Facilitation Fund comes in. One of its purposes is to pump prime projects, which volunteers with enthusiasm and commitment want to turn into reality – and which are core to Transition Stroud’s work.

Please return this application form if you would like to make a bid or contact projectcoordinator@transitionstroud.org for an initial discussion.

So what kind of projects have got funding so far?

SOS cookbook”  – where the money raised goes to support the Stroud Foodbank

Thermal Imaging Project on homes in Stroud to identify key learning points that were shared with the home owners and at a public meeting

Stainless steel water bottles that can replace single use plastic ones  – and targeting their distribution at key groups

Developing learning activities about sustainability for children that can be integrated into normal everyday family actvities

Funding a short video  – “7 Days to Change the World” which is targeted at young people  – to introduce them to actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Researching the viability of a Stroud “Local Enterprise Forum” – which would engage the Stroud public to support small ethical businesses that are seeking to grow.

Building raised beds at Stroud Station and filling them with plants – a collaborative project that will include GWR, Network Rail, local businesses, students and residents.

All ideas that help Transition Stroud meet its aims are welcomed. If you would like more information or to discuss your idea then please get in touch.

Supporting us financially through donations enables us to fund key projects through our Facilitation Fund. Help us to realise our goal of Inspiring Action for a Sustainable Future:

or download our Standing Order Form

Any support you can offer makes a huge difference