TS Council

Transition Stroud Council

Transtion Stroud Council (TSC) is the body that has responsibility for the decisions about the day-to-day operations of Transition Stroud.

This includes:

  • strategic decisions
  • future development
  • internal communications
  • co-ordination
  • legal/partnership issues
  • overseeing the role of any contracted posts

The TSC came into being at the beginning of 2009 following a 9 month consultation process facilitated by the Co-coordinator Support Group.

Read more about the final consultation report of this group and how Transition Stroud Council operates.

Transition Stroud Council meetings

The Directors hold meetings every 4 to 6 weeks where council business is discussed. Read the minutes of past council meetings.

Current directors

Nigel WestawayAdrian Oldman
Caroline PankhurstMartin Whiteside
Katherina ChildDmytro Bojaniwskyj
Gill ThomasIzzy Clark

Transition Stroud is looking for new directors to join our team and help steer the organisation through the important years ahead.


The long term direction of TS is guided by the Guarantor Members. The Annual General Meeting is the opportunity for them to respond to the Directors’ report on the year’s activities and the financial report. Many of the Founding Members are still involved with the work of Transition Stroud.

Current Transition Stroud Guarantor members:

Adrian Oldman Philip BoothClare SheridanTara Downs
Martin WhitesideNigel WestawayErik WilkinsonJohn Meadley
Paul SheridanBryn BrownTom BrownJosie Cowgill
Dmytro BojaniwskyjFred BarkerPaul Hofman

All documents from the AGM are available here, including the Directors’ Reports and AGM Minutes.