Edible Stroud

  • Grow more food locally thus reducing food miles and dependency on carbon
  • Enhance biodiversity with wildlife-friendly environments from which our whole community can benefit
  • Inspire, educate and empower people to get involved in growing their own food

Primary Contact: Josie Cowgill on ediblestroud@transitionstroud.org

Useful Links:ย ediblestroud.org.uk |ย Facebook page

The idea behind Edible Stroud is to grow more food locally and to provide a wildlife friendly environment from which we will all benefit. Fruit and nut trees, soft fruit bushes, herbs and flowers are planted by volunteers for all to harvest and enjoy. Anyone can get involved in planting and caring for the edible landscape.

By increasing the amount of fresh, organic, locally grown food available we reduce food miles and thus dependency on carbon. This benefits the environment whilst helping to build community spirit.

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Stroud Station

Tree planting

Edible Hedge

So far Edible Stroud has sites at:

  • The Stroud Railway Station bay area
  • The Lake at the Lawn near the Cainscross roundabout where there are fruit and nut trees as well as soft fruit bushes.
  • Stroud Maternity Hospital where there are fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, flowers and herbs.
  • Along the canal between Ebley and Stonehouse where there are nut trees and soft fruit bushes.
  • Cainscross carpark where there are soft fruit bushes.
  • Stratford park where there are fruit trees and soft fruit bushes
  • Stroud Brewery where there are tomato plants, parsley, basil and edible flowers for use on their home cooked pizzas and salads.

If you spot anywhere, however small, that could benefit from a bit of attention let us know. We want to fill Stroud with beautiful, vibrant pockets of food and flowers that will nourish and delight people and wildlife.

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Team Effort

Digging holes for huge fruit bushes

Mulching with comfrey

Trees and fruit bushes, April 2017

Working together

Funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by Transition Network, is helped us to expand our range of fruit trees and bushes and also run some training for volunteers. Thanks to National Lottery players for making this possible.ย  Look for more information about Transition: Bounce Forward atย www.transition-bounceforward.org”