Textiles Group

  • Encouraging the re-use of clothes, objects and material which would otherwise be thrown away
  • Share skills and become part of the Transition message of sustainability for the future

Primary Contact: Clare Sheridan on textiles@transitionstroud.org

Useful Links: Trashion Show InfoMonthly meetup

The Textile Group meets regularly in people’s homes to mend and update clothes, swap clothes and fabric, and knit, crochet, make buttons or do any other crafts that take our fancy.

We are a very sociable group and all are welcome, particularly people who cannot sew, mend, knit etc. but would like to learn.

We often put on a Trashion Show that showcases all that we stand for with mended, upcycled beautiful and practical clothes, along with fun outfits made from rubbish.

The group meets on the 1st Monday of every month in Stonehouse.