The Big Solar Coop can assess your site

We’re working with the Big Solar Coop (BSC) to enable the installation of solar panels on community, public and business rooftops across Stroud district.  This is done at no cost to the occupier and on a non-profit basis.  BSC can carry out a free no-obligation assessment of a site if you provide a few basic details.

This is a snapshot of how it works:

  • BSC assesses whether a building is suitable
  • If it looks promising, BSC prepares a proposal for the owner or building manager
  • If an agreement is signed, BSC raises the capital through a community share issue, and procures installers
  • BSC then owns, monitors and manages the installation, and sells the electricity to the host site and grid.

This can be an attractive proposition for building managers and owners:

  • there’s no capital costs for you to pay
  • it will reduce your electricity bill and ensure a long term predictable price
  • it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint
  • you’ll work with an experienced not-for-profit provider
  • you’ll have a flexible legal agreement, including an at-cost buyout clause after year 5

As a rough guide, a suitable building will need:

  • a roof facing South, West or East and in sound condition
  • a roof with an area at least 300m2 (around the size of a tennis court)
  • significant daytime use of electricity throughout the year.